The next step in the evolution of weight loss!

We're proud to introduce Solo Slim® Evolution, the next step in the ever evolving and improving quality of natural products. Our new formula contains ingredients that promote a multi-functional approach to effective weight loss, including but not limited to:

Solo Slim® Evolution is the most advanced weight loss product on the market today!

The proprietary blend of Solo Slim® Evolution is comprised of cutting edge ingredients. The combinations of specialized ingredients in Solo Slim® Evolution enable healthy weight management in a number of ways:

Synetrim® CQ (Clinical strength Cissus Quadrangularis Extract) helps to limit the number of calories that enter your bloodstream from the digestive tract. It helps to block the activity of enzymes that break down starch and digest fat. By blocking these enzymes, Synetrim® CQ plays a major role in limiting the impact calories on your body. Additionally, Synetrim® CQ helps to balance blood glucose levels, helping to limit the amount of glucose that ends up being stored as fat.*

WellTrim® iG (Clinical strength iGOB131, also known as African Red Mango) targets your body weight by aiding the processes of appetite control, metabolism, fat burning, fat production, and blood sugar balance. WellTrim® iG also aids in the function of certain hormones in the body, namely leptin and adiponectin. It has been shown that people with leptin resistance are prone to increased appetite and reduced thermogenesis (heat production within the body that can lead to fat oxidation). In a double blind clinical study, consumption of WellTrim® iG reduced leptin resistance by almost 52%, which lead to enhanced satiety and appetite control. By enhancing the activity of your body's natural hormones, WellTrim® iG naturally and effectively influences healthy weight management.

Lepticore® (Propietary extract blend of BlueGreen Algae, Pomegranate and Beta Carotene plus Guar, Arabica, and Locust Bean Gums) helps to specifically target your belly fat by enhancing leptin function. Where WellTrim® iG helps reduce your body's resistance to leptin, Lepticore® helps to improve leptin function. This leads to increased satiety, healthy blood sugar balance, and thermogenesis, while simultaneously reducing abdominal fat.

Phase-2® (Clinical strength White Kidney Bean Extract) helps in healthy weight management by slowing the digestion and absorption of starches. This leads to a decrease in the overall calories being absorbed by the human body in starch-rich diets.

These key ingredients help make Solo Slim® Evolution the most effective weight loss supplement on the market today! You won't find a more compelling combination of nature and science on the market. You won't find another weight loss product that has the overwhelming clinical evidence to support healthy weight management activity. Try Solo Slim® Evolution today with a thirty day money back guarantee. You'll only have excess weight to lose!

All clinical trial information for the ingredients of Solo Slim® Evolution can be found here.

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